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Long Island's 'Green Yellow Pages'

The 'Green Yellow Pages,' a free service from Renewable Energy Long Island (reLI), is your source for information on environmentally-friendly builders, retailers, consultants, and more.

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LI GreenGuide Featured Article

Wind Energy: Abundant, Clean, Reliable

By Joanne Pilgrim

Wind Energy

"Anyone who has been outside in a summer breeze, or walked the ocean beach in a gale, knows the power of the wind.

In Europe, harnessing the wind for clean, inexhaustible, renewable energy has created the fastest growing energy industry. wind farms on land combined with offshore wind farms provide a growing percentage of the continentís energy. But wind power isnít just for Europeans.

In new England, this countryís first offshore wind farm has just gained federal approval, clearing the way for Cape wind to construct wind turbines in Nantucket Sound, off the Massachusetts coast.

Even closer to home, though, plans for the first offshore wind farm in New York, which could become the largest offshore wind project in the country, are in the works."

Read pages 38-39 here,